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Ms 오승은 (Oh Seung Eun)

Ms Oh Seung Eun is Director of the Korean Language Institute at the Korean Overseas Information Service Kansai Centre in Osaka, Japan.
She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Korean education at Sogang University, where she also received a B.A. in Korean Language and literature and a M.A. in Korean Literature.
Since 1999, she has been teaching international students at the Korean Language Education Centre of Sogang University. The method taught is also reflected in the book and is focussed towards communication in stead of just learning 'dry' facts.
In addition, she has also trained teachers in "Effective Training Methods for Korean Speaking " in the TTP (Teachers Training Program from 2002. She has co-authored Sogang Korean 3 (2002) and Sogaing Korean 4 (2003)