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The Diamond's Dilemma - Shaping Korea for the 21st Century

Much has been written about the "Han miracle", Korea's meteoric rise to emerge as "Asia's next giant". Most discussions focused on the role and relative importance of market-mechanisms versus institutions (esp. government) in propelling Korea's growth. Since the economic crisis at the end of the 1990s, Korea has attracted interest due to its largely successful restructuring and the continued rise of the country's conglomerates (chaebol, e.g. Samsung, Hyundai). Politically, the future of North Korea and continued ascent of China next door have grabbed international headlines.

Korea is positioned in one of the world's most dynamic regions. Amids rapid economic and political changes, the country is facing difficult choices. Yet little literature has emerged in recent years to assess the country's future economic prospects. By describing how Korea could evolve to unleash its full potential brilliance, "The Diamond's Dilemma" attempts to fill this gap. The book provides a unique "outsider's inside perspective": an engaging, insightful and balanced view on the economic challenges and opportunities facing Korea.

Tariq Hussain, author of the book "The Diamond's Dilemma" and regular publisher of the collumn "An Outsider's Insight" in the Korea Herald. The book is published in Korean and will soon be available in English. 


For more information on the book please follow the link

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